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In SmellTracker you will smell household odors and rate them. The purpose of this is to track the progression of the sense of smell during COVID-19, in order to generate potential perceptual markers for disease onset. Once we develop such markers, they will be added to the site.


The results you obtain from this site do not consist a medical diagnosis, and are not in place of a medical test of any kind. Do not take any medical, or other action, based on the results of this site.


The data from this site may appear in scientific publications such as those you can see here, but these publications will never include personal identifying information, and there will be no way to link between the data and those who provided it. With this general goal in mind, please consider the following terms of use:


By participating, you are committing that:
A. You are over 18 years of age.
B. You are not pregnant.
C. That you never had an allergic reaction to an odor. If you did, do not participate.
D. That you do not suffer from any medical condition such as asthma that may prevent you from smelling several odors in succession. If you are not sure whether your medical condition allows you to participate, do not participate.
E. That you will not make commercial use of this site or its results.


We commit that:

A. We will protect your privacy according to our privacy policy


By marking that you accept the terms, you are stating that you understand all of the above, and that that you agree to participate under these conditions.

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