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Smelltracker uses the same secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS), which banks and other commercial websites use to transfer credit card information in an encrypted format. This provides strong security for data transfer to and from our website.


Smelltracker uses transient or "session" cookies to track progress through individual studies. These session tags disappear once a web browser is closed. No permanent cookies will be stored on participant machines. Smelltracker does not use third party cookies.


Data collected at the website is associated with an anonymous user number. Please remember that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent by email.


When visiting our site, your web browser may produce "pop-up" advertisements (advertisements that spontaneously appear on your computer screen). The most likely source of such an advertisement is another website you visited or third-party software on your computer. Smelltracker does not endorse or recommend products or services featured in advertisements that "pop up" during your visit to our site.


If you have any concerns regarding our policy please contact us.

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